Copper at Google Cloud Next 21

Your business works out of Google, and you deserve a CRM that works where you work. Copper’s demo at Google Cloud Next 21 showed just how strong our native Google integration is, calling it “a best-in-class CRM solution with deep, native integration to critical Workspace apps such as Gmail, Drive and Calendar.”

With immediate access to Copper from inside Google Workspace apps, you save valuable time and can stay focused on your core job. Here’s a quick peek straight from Next 21.
7 months agoOctober 20, 2021
We have two companies with Copper. Garden Light LED of SE Florida and Yard Sentry Landscape Lighting.
The sidebar for our GMail has not worked properly now for about two months. For the last month it has not worked at all. Also our emails that we send to our clients are no longer entered in Copper. The integration with Gmail and the Drive were our main reasons for choosing Copper back when it was Propsperworks. If this cannot be resolved soon we will be forced into looking into other CRM options.
I have contacted support a number of times and still no resolution.
5 months agoDecember 22, 2021
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